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About Jayy


As a certified personal trainer, group trainer, and calisthenics practitioner, @Jayyletsgetfit helped many people with every body type to achieve their personal health goals in various ways. @Jayyletsgetfit has helped men and women of all ages to lose weight, stay in shape, gain muscle, gain aesthetics, gain strength, stamina, correct postures, and also simply to have fun training safely.

Jayy has been helping people achieve their  personal goals since 2018 and is certified in the EREPS register (European Register for Exercise Professionals). In addition to independent personal training at Sport City Amstelveen, Jayy works at gyms such as PhysiQ, Crossfit Hoofddorp, Believe & Achieve, and Fit20 where he is regularly tested with workshops and personal assessments from various professionals to improve his service in all areas of personal training. Jayy combines all his acquired knowledge into your personal plan. Jayy does this full time with passion and is perfectly able to help you achieve your goals just as he has done with many before you.

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