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As you can see below. The price benefit becomes more affordable based on the length of your commitment.
I recommend training at least two times per week for the best results. These rates apply to one on one personal training at Sportcity in Amstelveen. If you want to train in Amsterdam or Hoofddorp, or for a one on two personal training, ask for the rates.

1 x week

1 month

(€70 per lesson)


3 Months

16 lessons


2 x week*

1 Month

(8 lessons at €65 per session)

€560 €520,-

3 Months

24 lessons (pay for 19)

€1680,- €1330,-

3 x week

1 Month

(12 lessons at €60 per session)

€840 €720,-

3 Months

36 lessons (pay for 27)

€2520,- €1890,-

* Recommended and most picked

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Unlock your benefit

Having a personal trainer is considered to be an upperclass benefit. But you'll be surprised to notice that there are also many students with a part-time job training with Jayy. This is because they understand the value of the fitness knowledge they gain in a short period of time so that they can get started training by themselves. This saves them a lot of time, injuries and costs associated with an independent learning curve. Come visit me at SportCity Amstelveen for a free intake session, ask about the discount packages and discover that the costs are not that bad.
Unfortunately, this is an industry where it’s easy to call yourself a Personal Trainer without experience or qualifications. Therefore, do not only look at the appearance of the trainer, but ask about the education and experience. Jayy has been helping people achieve their personal goals since 2018 and is certified in the EREPS register (European Register for Exercise Professionals). In addition to servicing people independently at Sport City Amstelveen, Jayy works at gyms such as PhysiQ, Believe & Achieve, and Fit20 where he is regularly tested with workshops and personal assessments from various professionals to improve his service in all areas of personal training. Jayy combines all his acquired knowledge into your personal plan. Jayy does this full time with passion and is perfectly able to help you achieve your goals just as he has done with many before you.
No subscription required. At your Personal Training appointment with Jayy, you can simply walk in, train and enjoy a complimentary cup of coffee or tea with each session. If you only want to train unassisted, a subscription is required. Jayy can help you with that.